Press Publication: Time to Be Wise - Footwise
Sun Newspaper (19/02/2003)

FootWise in the Sun newspaper - Click to enlargeEvery day, we spend most of the time on our feet.

We use and even abuse our feet, and sometimes they let us know when "too much is too much."

This is where a podiatrist comes in.

After practising for several years in New South Wales, podiatrist John Burrie decided to come to a more tropical environment and has just opened his new practice, FootWise Podiatry Centre, in the central business district of Cainrs.

Be it general treatment - cutting toe nails, looking after calluses, corns, fungal infections -, biomechanics - gait analysis, shoe insoles, bunions -, surgery - ingrown toe nails -, or caring for diabetic patients, Mr Burrie says it is always important to look at the bigger picture and not just the foot and lower limb.

"Equally important is prevention, early detection, education of foot problems and advice on choosing correct footwear, as many foot problems seen by podiatrists are preventable and their severity can be minimised if detected at an early stage," Mr Burrie said.

"My motto is 'be wise - be footwise'."

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